The sexual revolution of the 70’s changed the lives of everyone who lived through it. Sex was no longer something to keep in the bedroom within the context of a married covenant. It became a symbol of rebellion to the many wise generations above us. Sex became entertainment for many and the pornography industry sky rocketed. One of the major adult motion pictures of the time was titled “Deep Throat,” starring “Linda Lovelace.” As you can imagine from the title (please don’t), it was a sight that had never seen the big screen before. 

Linda has an incredible story. I watched a movie on Netflix titled Lovelace. Anna was horribly scarred after watching the first 20 minutes or so of Lovelace. The first bit of it really does make it seem like you’re watching a pornography movie… so I can understand her confusion. At first, I watched it thinking, “No way is there something that crude on Netflix!” Well, guess what kids, I was wrong. I was horrified at this film and immediately turned it off when a particular scene came on. I mean, seriously? Ew. So I told Anna, “okay, I believe you.” 

But then… I looked into what the movie was about. I read that it was about Linda Lovelace. I read that it as based on her autobiography entitled Ordeal. I decided to take another look into the movie (skipping the beginning, as to not end up crying) and see what Linda’s story was. Little did I know that I would end up crying regardless. 

The most interesting thing about this movie is that the beginning supposedly shows the “glamour” of the pornography industry. Past that point, it shows the back stage of what goes on behind scenes and in the lives of stars like Linda. An incredibly heart-breaking story had me emotional by the end, and I couldn’t help but attempt empathy. Her story tells tales of being thrown into this industry, beat, held at gunpoint, paid nothing, eating very little, being forced to do many many many things that she did not want to do but felt as though she should obey her husband, as she was raised to do… for if she didn’t, there were mighty consequences.

She lived to tell the tale until she passed in 2002 due to injuries from a car accident a month earlier. Once she made it out, she told her story and titled it Ordeal, and it sold out during 3 prints. The movie I watched came out in 2009 starring Amanda Seyfried (Ms. Seyfried is the only reason Anna watched it blindly the first time by mistake) tells the story of Ordeal and brought me to tears. While I am unsure what I can do or what I can say, I know that stories like hers aren’t as uncommon as I wish that they were.

This means that I need to take action against things like this. Linda became an extreme anti-porn and anti-domestic violence advocate once she was out of the hands of her “loving husband” Chuck. It breaks my heart to know that women are suffering the way Linda did 40 years ago, despite action against the industry. It’s probably bigger now than ever, with the internet and all.

Let me at least say this. Men and women alike, if you’ve ever been interested in viewing these types of things, think about it like this. The person you see on screen? They’re someone’s daughter. They probably haven’t talked to their parents in a while, and if they have, it’s because their parents don’t know. That’s someone’s sibling. Someone’s cousin. Someone’s aunt. Someone’s granddaughter. Someone’s somebody. What you see on screen isn’t the full picture of their lives. By viewing this graphic content, you are supporting an industry built on abuse. By simply viewing this, you are supporting all that goes on off the set, like domestic violence, rape, and maltreatment. Remember that next time you want to view something like that. 

Anyways, off my soap box. Tragic movie. If things like I’ve mentioned above make you cry or uncomfortable, I wouldn’t recommend this R rated film. But it really is an eye-opener to things that I like to pretend don’t exist sometimes. I know I personally forget that everything has more to it than meets the eye, the pornography industry being one of those things. 


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