Thoughts on Time

We come and go

Like bird who fly south 

for a warmer, better life;

some of them stay

 and some of them go

others making trips back and forth.

Despite their choice,

they have to make one;

some of them stay

and some of them go.

We do the same, with people we know.

Some of us stay,

and some of us go.

But then there are some,

like the traveling birds,

who make the trips back and forth.

It may not be easy, or comfortable,

But they never want to forget

the birds who stayed.

As time drifts on,

so do we. Just like the birds.

Our lives in constant motion

living to the best we can

making choices and sacrificing a lot.

A day may come when we cannot return

like we’d returned so many times before.

We must become a bird who left

or once again join the birds who stayed.

We have to choose which life we live

despite the hard decision.

Some of us stay,

some of go,

and some of us just don’t know.


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