9 Years of my Life

I came to be without knowing a thing

But I learned a few things quickly
By my second year of living

I discovered my likes, my dislikes, it was very simple really.
I distinguished friends from strangers,
A task much harder nowadays.

Learning how to make kids like me
And learning how to read
Already learning what it feels like to be hurt
disappointed and suffer loss

But Kindergarten, that was the most exciting of all
Until I realize that I wasn’t actually meeting new kids
I thrived in an academic setting
And my challenges were trivial
Like hiding from my parents when they picked me up from a play-date.

I made a really great friend who moved here from Africa.
She is white, as were most of the kids at my school.
I never really had an indication of diversity until much later in life.
I didn’t like boys, but I could spell really well.
Well, except for my friend Donny, we drew trees during recess.
And I can’t forget Ronnie, my buddy at the zoo.

Our teacher was in a car accident;
We didn’t know her very well, and never got the chance to.
While she was still alive, we missed her in our class.
Our little hearts felt loss for hopefully the first time.
In second grade, I knew some kids who parents weren’t together.
“How strange,” I thought, their parents said forever,
Didn’t they? Regardless, they felt loss at the age of 7.

This wasn’t uncommon, I soon found out, in the years to follow.
Kids don’t just lose their parents –
they can lose their pets, grandmas, and others.
The older I got, the more I learned
No one can be perfect.
And sometimes a hard situation makes acting “normal” hard.
I had a buddy Corey who rode my school bus.
He bullied other kids a lot and had a broken home.

At first, we assumed he was just really mean.
A kid who loves others pain.
But time on the bus showed us all
The pain is in his soul.
By the time I realized this, I had memorized my multiplication tables.
I was best friends with a tennis player
and I got in my first friend fight
I learned that girl scouts was a lot of fun
And that I can’t take care of everyone.

Here’s my poetic (kind of) summary of the first 9 years of my life. ❤


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