Growing Older Isn’t As Awesome As You May Think

Days get shorter, memories grow faint, our senses fade. Friends come and go, like the season change. Hopefully you’ve chosen happiness throughout your time on earth, as opposed to constantly searching for it.

Growing older seems so great. When I was younger, I loved to play games like “house,” where I’d be mommy, someone would be daddy, someone would be our kid, and someone would be the dog. (I always felt bad for that kid!) We’d make up jobs, build a house, wear “grown-up” clothes; we’d make phone calls, build relationships, have “grown-up” fights. It was so glorious. As children, my friends and I were constantly lusting to grow old.

Not so fast, kiddos. Don’t lust to grow up. Don’t wish that you were done with high school. Don’t think that college or joining the work force is “so much better” than where you are right now. It’s not. It’s all about perspective.

You can be happy in whatever place you’re in. Middle school, high school, college, work force, retirement, in love, with friends, with family, whatever place. Happiness is a choice, not a circumstance. Happiness is not an end goal, happiness is appreciating your journey to the end of this life. If happiness depended on our circumstances, this is how it would be: Success will bring you momentary happiness, until the next goal is in place. Love with bring you momentary happiness, until there is a dull moment. Friends will bring you momentary happiness, until they fade and you realize “best friends forever” meant nothing. Happiness doesn’t just come with age. (To read my blog post on choosing happiness, click here :))

It saddens me to hear people say that they’re ready to “move on”, ready to grow up, and ready to get out of here, because then they’ll finally be happy. This perspective is poor. Enjoy where ever life has you “stuck” right now, and you won’t feel so stuck.

Fellow seniors, I have seen it far too much this year. Everyone is so done with high school. My advice? Don’t be. It’ll be gone before you know it, and soon you’ll have more responsibilities than you realized. Growing up isn’t as glamourous as we make it out to be and always have made it out to be. Enjoy the journey of high school, don’t just wish that it were over. Happiness will not find you on  June 14th. You can find happiness today, and love being the age that you are, regardless of your maturity.

I know so many people that thought they’d be happy as soon as _____ happened. They’d be happy once they have a boyfriend. They’d be happy once they beat a particular team. They’d be happy if they made their way into “that group” of kids. They’d be happy when they got promoted. They’d be happy once they got married. Guys, the list goes on and on of the “I’ll be happy when’s.” I have met a lot of people that had a lot of awesome plans that didn’t happen exactly how they expected it would.

My life is a great example of that. Not that I had these awesome plans that have been smashed, but my family has had some circumstances that are less than ideal. A lot of things have had to change for us and our plans simply because circumstances changed a lot. Life didn’t turn out the way that my mom and dad envisioned it 25 years ago when they got married. It’s extremely different, in fact. They didn’t predict that life would be the way that it is now.

If our family stopped finding happiness along the journey and only thought happiness would happen when _____ happened, we’d end up disappointed.

Appreciate the journey you’re on, not the end goal that you think is going to happen. Live in the moment. Appreciate the time and friends that you have, and don’t ever lust to grow up. It might just disappoint you.


One thought on “Growing Older Isn’t As Awesome As You May Think

  1. Seven houses, two countries, and four years of high school has shown me the same thing… I always looked forward to what would happen next, even if it was just the next day. It creates a spirit that is always longing, and never fully content. I now can understand that yes, this moment is just as great as the next, and that I can choose to either make the best of this moment, or just live for the next one.

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