Goals for AP Literature 2nd Semester and NEW IDEAS :)


I would love love love it if we did more public speaking assignments. I know I do things like theater and poetry out loud, but I still feel like I’m getting a little bit rusty on speaking publicly. Although the content of the speeches could really be about anything, maybe we can begin to do personal independent projects on poetry and then present to the class what we’ve learned. Maybe we need to write poems and have a dramatic poetry read off! (Using the techniques that we’ve observed through our analysis of poetry.) Maybe we could write speeches based on the underlying themes of the AP books we have read. I don’t care really, I just want to speak more.

I should probably read more AP Lit. I have read what has been required but I have not been reading more than that. And I should be! So I shall.

With writing… I feel like we haven’t written a lot this semester. Yes, we’ve been doing our blog posts. And yes I have written stories, poems, narratives, rants, history analysis, poetry analysis, and various other things, but I don’t feel like that will help me on the AP exam. I really do enjoy doing those posts, but they aren’t the types of things that we’re going to have to be writing to pass the AP exam. I believe that if we could cut it back to one blog post per week and made it something legit, it would be more productive and less easy to forget, especially if we know that they’re actually going to be graded based on our writing, not just on the fact that we do them. I’m going to punch myself in the face for saying that one…….. but I’m just trying to be honest.

So that’s what I hope to see next semester. I don’t even know if I want to take the AP test knowing that I will probably fail or get a 3 at the highest because that score counts for nothing at any school that I’m applying to. But it’s whatever, I might take it. Not sure. 


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