AP Buuks r hard 2 reed 4 meh

Sometimes I’d rather read something besides an AP book. Actually that’s most of the time. No offense to the books on the AP list… they’re just not my style, know what I’m sayin?

They’re good books. They filled with so many wonderful things and filled with rich literature. But I’m going to be very blunt and honest. They’re just not for me. So, I have to muster up all of the willpower in my being to go out of my way to read an AP book.

Sure, I’ll definitely read them if we have to for something in class. I enjoy reading them! But if I’m not being forced to, they’re not my go-to.

SO… all of that being said… aside from 1984, I am not reading an AP book at this moment. But on top of reading that and my bible and having 693465349 other things to do, I’m not sure I’d be reading it all that much anyways. Even if I checked one out. I appreciate the book groups forcing me to read AP books because I know that it’s important if I want to take and pass the AP exam in the spring.

So uh yeah I’ll get on that…


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