Songwriter at Heart (FC)(PB)

I’ve been slacking.

I kinda feel like I was always supposed to be a songwriter.

Not like a famous one like Taylor Swift or Jason Mraz, but simply one who write songs.

And no, not like orchestral pieces. But lyrical contemporary stuff.

Can you see it? I can see it.

I think I’m supposed to be a songwriter. It’s a good outlet for feelings (ew) and I love love love to make music with my guitar (although it is not where my talent lies) and love love love to sing.

I’ve tried to write songs in the past. They’re stupid and hilarious and embarrassing and I think my sisters made fun of me for them. (I may have made up the last one because the memory is fuzzy, but I think that’s because I repressed it. I do that with bad memories.) I think that I should do something along those lines. Guitar playing really helps to make me feel better. Kind of like a stress and emotional release all at once!

I’ve also always loved to write. I love to blog. I think songwriting is another thing that I’d enjoy writing. Again it’s not something that I think I’d be super talented at but my songwriting wouldn’t be about the quality of talent involved.

My songwriting would be more of a thing for me personally. Kind of like a journal with a tune. How fun! So songwriters who write to become famous, you know, good for them! That wouldn’t be my goal. In fact, I’d probably never let someone see them ever because that’s just how I am. I’m so awkward. So these songs would probably all be awkward as well… which is kind of a bummer.

So songwriting. Maybe. Maybe I will share my songs and become a super star and leave Hockinson forever and become rich and blah blah blah. Maybe. Or maybe I’ll sit at the saturday market in Seattle everyday playing my sad songs hoping that someone will pay for them.. you know? Maybe.


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