So I Uh Really Really Like to Rant (FC)(PB)

It’s good to vent, right? My momma told me that I should vent when I need to vent. So ranting is a good thing… right?

Eh. Probably not.

But that’s alright! Because I’ve seen a lack of ranting and venting to be a very self-depricating thing!! So to me, it’s vent or die.

Today’s rant is about expectant people who like to push their problems onto someone else, and take no credit for them what so ever. Being the president of NHS this year, I have experience a lot of flack from people, simply because I am following the NHS official bi-laws. I’m sure my fellow officers and adviser can attest to this as well. It’s not easy to deal with 70+ students complaining to me about how they’re stressed about different things revolving NHS, their main issue being having 10 “NHS sponsored” hours out of their 20 per semester. I know, it must be really hard to take the 10 NHS hours and fit them into the 3,192 hours of your life that 1 semester includes, but what exactly did you think you were signing up for?

Honestly, that’s what gets me. You signed up for this. That’s the only sentence running through my head when people get concerned. You signed up to be a part of our team and represent our nationally-accredited title; are there no standards? There are standards and that is one of them. I’m sorry, and if you have a problem with that, then maybe this program isn’t for you. (That last line was for you cheerleaders out there. 😉 ) It’s just frustrating that the 4 of us take time out of our lives to plan and attend these events to help our members get out there and do good in the community, and all that we hear back are complaints about how ridiculous the standards have gotten this year. Oh, you only signed up because you want to put it on your college apps? You want it to help you with something and give you leadership connections later on in life? Well, newsflash, it doesn’t do that much. Sure, it looks great to say you were a member and contributed, but how great will it look when you were also removed from the club for failure to complete our bare minimum requirements? NHS doesn’t help you make connections with leaders or give you any resources. The reason to sign up for NHS is to find an outlet for community service. We plan events for you to do, and you do them. That’s the point.

I’m also sorry that NHS is run differently than previous years, but it is run as it should be this year. It’s a big bummer that it’s a little more of a commitment than members originally thought, but it is what it is. If the problem is that they were “unaware” of this “change” in policy, it is not my fault. Or anyone’s fault. The only reason someone should be unaware of our events and updates on various social media and school-wide announcements is because they aren’t a member in NHS. There are a few students who I know do not have Facebook or twitter and cannot always make it to the meetings. While this makes it more difficult for them to obtain information, that is not my responsibility. There are members who have extenuating and valid circumstances that make attending meetings and events extremely difficult.  That’s fine! They seem to be figuring out how to get along. What about those members who ARE on Facebook AND Twitter? Why are you complaining to me? I’m sorry that you joined a club that you don’t really want to be a part of. You can be dismissed if you’d prefer.

So yeah. Not very happy with the lack of commitment from people when they signed up for it. I didn’t ask them to be in this club. They chose it. They’re great kids. They got in. If only they’d do their part. I don’t want to kick anyone out, because that’s awkward and they’re my friends. But would it kill ya to do the bare minimum of what’s required? 


2 thoughts on “So I Uh Really Really Like to Rant (FC)(PB)

  1. You girls are doing a great job as officers. Let me know if you need me to lay the smackdown on and be the bad guy…I appreciate your hard work this year.

  2. I finally had time to read this all the way through, and I could not agree more. Find comfort in the fact that you are doing an amazing job as president, and we are all working together as officers with Ms. Allyn to plan events and make this club a success! <333 mwah! Love you.

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