I’m So Determined (FC)

It may come as a shock to some people due to my lack of attendance last year, but I am in band! Not only am I in band, I’m 3rd chair flute in the Wind Ensemble. 3rd chair flute as a senior. My dream come true. On first chair, we have the extremely talented junior, Caty, and on second, the also extremely talented sophomore Brian. Then there’s me, 3rd chair senior.

Going through high school, I’ve learned more and more that band isn’t my forte. I like making music and I thoroughly enjoy most of the people that I have been blessed to be making music with. During my junior year, I was placed in 3rd chair behind 2 seniors and ahead of 2 seniors and sophomore. Needless to say, I was pretty proud of myself. Excited to be a higher chair than before and finally playing first part, I began junior year. Just after our autumn concert, the girl who was the chair below me decided that she wanted that glorious 3rd chair position.

In band, when we aren’t in the chair that we desire, we can challenge the person who is one chair ahead of us. The challenge is this: the two competitors go behind a curtain, they play an identical piece of music in a random order that they’ve have a week or so to prep, and the rest of the band members vote on which sound they believe deserves a higher chair. Sadly, I lost my 3rd chair position during my junior year. But to be completely honest, I was quite alright with that, because band is not my forte and I don’t take it as a personal attack when I am a lower chair.

At the end of junior year, we had auditions for the upcoming year chair placement. When the results were posted, I was excited to see that I was 3rd chair again. My excitement confused many people, because most people want to get 1st chair! But I don’t want to deal with solos or having to play piccolo so I was aiming for 3rd chair. And I got it! YES! Well just this last week, I’ve been challenged yet again, and my oh so glorious 3rd chair might be taken from me.

During my first challenge, I asked Mr. McEnry if I could just give my challenger the spot and he said, “No! That’s no fun!” so I did it. But I didn’t care. This time? This time I care. But it’s not because I care what chair placement I have… it’s much more personal than that. Which is horrible! But so true. The particular girl who is challenging me this year for my glorious 3rd chair absolutely hates me for absolutely no reason and (as I discovered on Monday) has deleted me as a friend on Facebook. Oh man, it got real. I have to beat her! She doesn’t deserve the “honor” that the high placement of 3rd chair brings.

I hope that everyone acknowledges my facetiousness regarding how desired 3rd chair is. 3rd chair is nothing special and yet for some reason, this is the second time someone has tried to take it from me. I honestly don’t get it and could care less about my chair. BUT I don’t want this particular person to be a chair higher than me. Neither does McEnry… he told me he’s rooting for me. 😉

PLEASE don’t think I’m a mean person. lol


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