Promise Like Pie Crust (CCR)

In Christina Rosetti’s “Promises Like Pie Crust,” she describes a fragile state of the human heart. I believe that this poem is a delightful, fun and happy relationship gone totally wrong in an important moment. An example of the feelings described here are similar to when a man gets down on one knee and dedicates the rest of his life to a woman and she denies this union. In this scenario, a woman might respond to such a proposal this way because she has doubt about their love and about their true feelings for one another.

She begins by asking him to “promise me no promises” – basically saying don’t promise me anything because “so I will not promise you” she will not make any promises to him.  “Keep we both our liberties, never false and never true:” – this statement shows that if they make no promises, they have no strings attached to one another and they both keep their freedoms. The confusing comment made here is “never false and never true.” This implies that she is unsure of whether their freedom from promises or freedom to be together forever is truly better. She then goes into saying “let us hold the die uncast,” stating that they were not meant to be together and they were meant to die without bounds to one another, which is what marriage suggests, and that they are “free to come, and free to go.” She doesn’t want either of them to be tied down to the other because of the promise and convent of marriage. “For I cannot know your past, and of mine what can you know?” shows that maybe they were very close as lovers and as friends, but there is no way to be sure of their feelings for past lovers, one way or another.  This whole first stanza shows signs of doubt and feelings of insecurity. She is portraying faithlessness in the relationship by asking questions and committing to not commit.

The second stanza has more of a bitter tone to it, but it still doubts. She describes his love as warm, but then bitterly reminds herself that he could’ve loved another warmer. She then describes how she doesn’t feel his warmth like she has in the past from another lover, and follows up with a question of whether their love is current and everlasting or a fling from the past. She remembers how they used to love and claims that it is no longer that same love. It is clear that she thinks it is a fling from the past and not everlasting.

Starting the third stanza similar to the first brings us out of this reminiscent scene of past love and back to the current moment. She warns him that he would grieve his promise of love to her and that if she had said “yes” to him, that she would not actually be committed and she’d “fret to break the chain.” She pulls the classic line of “we can still be friends” that everyone says post-breakup towards the ending. She believes that their friendship can survive even though their tale of love cannot. They were meant to be friends and nothing more – it just took her a bit of time to realize it.

As for the title, the conclusion that I have drawn is that when comparing the promise of marriage to a piecrust, it is critical to think of the qualities of piecrust. It is sweet, but thin and crumbling. Applying that to the promise of marriage, she believes that the love that they have is sweet and light and fun, but not lasting. It will fall apart and has no real value. She believes this promise to be like piecrust and therefore makes the smart decision to decline the offer that he has for her. 

I believe that many people have had experiences similar to this! To put it in general terms, I’ll lay it out like a story.

Person is alone and/or bored.
Person meets another person or friends something to do.
Person persues this person/activity because they were lonely/bored before this new person/activity came around.
Person is staying busy and doesn’t realize that this person/activity is a quick fix for their lonely bored life.
Person gets confused.
Person is no longer fulfilled with new person/activity.
Person realized that this new thing wasn’t really fulfilling them and they must let it go and find something that they actually enjoy.

This is what this poem describes. A woman leaving a man because he wasn’t someone she wanted to marry, it just took her some time to realize it. It’s a UHE for sure!


And I’ve Been Hired! (FC)

I am a new me.

No, seriously. I am a new person; finally living that adult lifestyle that seems so dreamy.

I mean, I turned eighteen and I voted. I felt as though I should continue my streak of growing up as I continue to apply for colleges and plan out my next 4-5 years.

I am officially a team member at Kohl’s!

While I have only been hired seasonally… it’s a start, right?

My first “event” with them is a training/orientation on Tuesday. While it’s crazy to think that from that day on, I will most likely be working for the rest of my life, I am excited. I’m excited to do something that many kids begin doing long before they’re 18. I’m so incredibly blessed knowing that there were a full 18 years of my life that were not spent with any sort of official job or title. But let that resonate for a moment. from 18-65… I will be working.

That’s 47 years. 47 YEARS. AT LEAST. That is how much longer I will be in the workforce, one way or another. Tuesday marks a day of adulthood that I have yet to enter until now. It’s even crazier to know that while many begin working as minors… I did not. I never had special limitations on how employers treat me or what hours I can work compared to everyone else. I will always be an adult. How weird is that?!?

Well anyways, now that I’m living that life, I will be busy. Yes, it worries me sometimes. But I know myself… and I know that I can do it. I know that I can juggle everything. My biggest concern is that I will stop giving 100% in everything because I’m so concerned about being sufficient in everything that I’m doing. That’s what happened junior year. I was so swamped that I was forced to be content with doing things sufficiently instead of exceedingly. But I’m determined to stop that from happening.

I guess the only way to do that is to realize that there is no way I will ever achieve “perfect” in anything. I’m only human! So I won’t strive to be perfect. But I will continue to strive to do my best, and shake off the pressure of perfect. I’m super excited to be working, finally, and excited to continue striving to do my best in my senior year… and it shall be good. 🙂

The Heart of a Hero and Those Who Loved Them (FC)

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I believe that the heart of a hero is different from any other. It must be. A human being risking their life to protect millions of people that they’ve never met – including those who have stolen, lied, and murdered – is something truly remarkable. The amazing thing about Veteran’s Day is that there is a day dedicated to those heros who make the choice to protect others with their own life. While there are many types of heros among us, Vetrans are heros of a special kind.


I do not support war in general. Guns scare me and I hate the thought of anyone losing their life prematurely. But I also know that there are very few people who really just love war. Maybe in video games and maybe the thought of it… but faced in a battle situation, nobody that I know is a huge fan of war. Although I hate the conflict of the world and like to pretend that everyone could just stop fighting and talk it out over a pot of tea and some cookies, that’s not the case. Deep down, I know that’s not the case. Because we have ill-fated spirits walking among us and the influence of the devil in society, there is no escaping war until we escape the bondage of evil… and who knows when that will be. In the meantime, I am so incredibly grateful that we have so many protectors of our nation, and commend them for participating in things that they hate for the sake of those that they love.

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The definition of love is doing the highest good for someone else. It’s an action. For someone else. Selflessness is not something that I think anyone is naturally born with. When a baby is born, everything must be done for the baby, and the baby is completely dependent on their provider. We are born selfish. As we grow older, selflessness is an acquired lifestyle, chosen because of the love someone has for someone or something. A hero’s first step is to let go of themselves for the sake of everyone else. Heros are selfless. All heros.


A hero is someone who saves; they are admired for courage, outstanding achievements, and noble qualities. Whether they were the pilot of a WWII fighter plane or currently serving in the Middle East, the Veterans of the USA fit all of these characteristics of a hero. Their heart is in a place of selflessness for the love of their friends and family plus the love of this country. They aren’t fighting to be destructive or to harm people in other countries, their fighting to protect us from the evil inside and out of our borders. They miss their family. They miss their friends from home. They miss the holidays. They miss their son’s birth, their daughter’s graduation, their grandmother’s funeral. They witness torture and abuse. They witness their friends lose their lives for the sake of the USA. They change while in service.

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These soldiers are not the only ones who suffer; their families are left with anxious hearts and worried minds. Will they be taken care of? Will they come home safe?  Will they ever meet their son? Sometimes they don’t. But sometimes they do. It’s a beautiful thing to see a soldier’s weary face completely transform into tears of joy when they return home and see their smiling family. It’s quite the opposite to see a family devastated because of the horrendous acts of war, and a loved one was lost. It takes a special kind of person to be a military wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, mom, dad, brother, sister, and friend. These people must have the heart of a hero, and be selfless enough to let them leave. Without their support of our armed forces, we wouldn’t have an armed forces. The people who are strong enough to support those who are in war or coming home from war are heros as well.

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Veterans of the USA protect us all. They protect the good, the bad, the ugly, the beautiful, the intelligent, the dumb, the blind, the mean, the homosexuals, the prisoners. They protect everyone. Selfless acts of doing something that they don’t like for the sake of people whose actions they may not like is a wonderful thing; we are all still people. We are all still humans. Within this nation that we call America, we have a variety of people – none of which are perfect and none of which deserve to have others die for them. I am so incredibly blessed to live a nation that will protect me from awful things, and each veteran deserves more than I could ever give them, because they have given me life by sacrificing their own.


I know that I could never do it.

Because It’s Been A Stressful Day…

Because it’s been a stressful day,

This evening will be long.

But that’s alright because I am strong.

My homework is staring at me,

Begging to be done.

And I am procrastinating because homework is no fun.

Amira’s demonic tones are all that I can hear,

Bark after bark after bark,

I’m going to maul her… much like a shark.

My homework is still staring,

But on the TV, there is Glee!

I’m hoping to hear Rachel and Santana serenade me.

Because it’s been a stressful day,

It will be a stressful night as well.

But I can do it, I’m Erin Frickin’ Bell.

Marriage Isn’t For You

If you’ve got time, read this! Interesting and insightful perspective on marriage, and I can’t say that I disagree. 🙂

Seth Adam Smith

Having been married only a year and a half, I’ve recently come to the conclusion that marriage isn’t for me.

Now before you start making assumptions, keep reading.

I met my wife in high school when we were 15 years old. We were friends for ten years until…until we decided no longer wanted to be just friends. 🙂 I strongly recommend that best friends fall in love. Good times will be had by all.

Nevertheless, falling in love with my best friend did not prevent me from having certain fears and anxieties about getting married. The nearer Kim and I approached the decision to marry, the more I was filled with a paralyzing fear. Was I ready? Was I making the right choice? Was Kim the right person to marry? Would she make me happy?

Then, one fateful night, I shared these thoughts and concerns with my dad.

Perhaps each…

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Something That I Will Never Understand (FC) (SSR) (PB)

I know a lot of angry people. While I am irritable sometimes, it’s difficult to get me angry, or furious. Anger seems like such an odd emotion… if it can be considered an emotion. Looking at various people that are in my life that I love and care for, there are so many of them who become a different person when they’re angry; they forget who they are and their integrity is left in the dust. They’re filled with a hot rage that transforms them into an unrecognizable vicious monster who says and does things that don’t accurately represent who they are as a person. Their anger is visible, and physically apparent. It is and always will be impossible to understand why this happens when I am not a victim.

In the midst of a conversation with my dad yesterday, we talked about anger. I was upset about someone’s angry actions against me, so I was seeking answers as to how someone could be so vicious and hurtful with their words. He explained it simply, like it was something so obvious that everyone is aware of. To him, anger takes over him like a literal physical feeling. There’s nothing he can do to stop it, like an asthma attack. This was hard for me to digest, because when I get angry, I cry. I HATE that I cry… but I do. Sometimes I can be spiteful and rebuttal hurtful and sassy words, but most of the time, I simply cry, and can’t say anything. So I cry, but I don’t go into The Hulk rage I-want-to-smash-everything mode.

Anger can come out in everyone in different ways. Some people are sarcastic and straight up rude when they’re angry, others become physical and seek to smash something, anything. My mother and I cry, others become silent and withdrawn. I will never understand why some can become so mean when they’re angry, and likewise they’ll never understand why I cry. One’s reaction to something doesn’t always makes sense to everyone, but everyone can at least be aware of the fact that someone handles things differently than they do.

So I’ll never understand vicious violent anger. They’ll never understand why I burst into tears when I’m angry. I believe the reason that I do this is because I’m more frustrated, feeling stuck and hurt, not necessarily angry. But again… I’ll never understand the other side.