A Part Of My World (FC)

Yesterday, I had a moment. Not just an ordinary moment, either. It was a moment of recognizing my age and recognizing my brother’s age. Earlier this week, he reached the milestone of 16 and the week before, I reached a milestone of 18. As we both get older, I realize more and more how much we stick together through the mockery from our older siblings and the unfairness of how parents act.

My moment of clarity yesterday was a moment when Owen was leaving the house to go to Safeway. I asked him why he was going to Safeway and he informed me that it was to buy flowers to ask a girl to homecoming after her soccer game that night. In this small conversation, there were three things that stood out to me. One: Owen was driving. He was driving HIMSELF by HIMSELF to the store and the school and back home. Less than a week ago, he was relying on me to drive him. Two: He was buying flowers for a girl! Although they only like each other as just friends, I have never seen Owen act like such a thoughtful boy. Three: Owen was wearing JEANS! OWEN DOESN’T WEAR JEANS! In all honesty, this was the most surprising factor in my moment last night. These three things gave me an overwhelming sense of age and getting older.

I know, I know. We all keep posting about senior year and about how we feel sooooo old because we’re 18. But the cumulative birthday week at my house is really making us feel it. Just this year alone, these were the big dates in my house. Sister Becca turned 21, I turned 18, Owen turned 16, my mom is turning 50 (don’t tell her I told you that), and this marks my parent’s 25th anniversary. As my siblings and I get older, we get closer. Even though we still argue about things like whose turn it is to do the dishes and who left their stuff out or who didn’t return a borrowed shirt in a timely and considerate manner… we are bonded in the way that we’ve been with each other through all of our ages and all of our stages, even when we didn’t want to be.

I know I’ll be having moments like this for pretty much forever and ever and the rest of my life, but last night just struck me. Owen is growing up! Which means that I’M growing up. Which means that things will change. Hopefully all change will be for the better. 🙂


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