Life Changes (FC)

dink, dink, dink.


What is this? Where am I? I’ve wanted to break free from that sphere for so long but now I’m scared and I want to go back. I want to be back inside my safe gel-like bubble that nothing else could reach me in. There are many others who look like me swimming by my side, but we don’t converse. We do not interact with anyone but our own mind, for we all are feeling the same thing. Confined for so long… but now I’m free. And very very scared. And lonely.

That feeling!! Right in between my tail and my head, something is missing. Something needs to fill that empty feeling. I am scared. And lonely. And empty.

This green stuff appeals to me. Can it fill this empty feeling? If only I could somehow swim up to the translucent green glow above me and somehow get it to that empty feeling. What is this? Where am I?


I’m hopping along the nature given cobblestone of my home pond, and I recall this strange vision. I can’t tell if it’s a memory or simply a dream. If a memory, it must have been from before my transformation into the long-legged hopper that I am today. Sometimes I look around and I see others like me, but nothing compares to the vision of the brown, finless, gilled things that swam alongside me.

I wonder if they too, went through a phase of change, or if I am the odd one out. I wonder if they’d ever send a croak my way. Probably not. I’m not social, by nature. For now, I will continue to hop along. Just keep hopping, just keep hopping.

Whether it is dark or light, day or night, I will just keep hopping. It’s almost as if I’m searching; searching for something. I have no idea what that something is but I will keep hopping and hoping, hopping and hoping. This routine has been going on for days and I have found nothing, but that’s no reason to give up on the fight. The fight for what? The fight to find out what I’m searching for.

I think one day I’ll stop. When I –


The light… the light is fading… a dark circle is beginning to enclose around the center of my eye. Smaller, bigger, smaller, bigger. Maybe this small tunnel of light will lead me to what I’m looking for. I think I have finally found direction. A voice. I hear a voice.

“Brian! Did you just hit a frog?”
“Erin, I think I did. I feel so bad…!”

So this is heaven….


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