Pass The Flame From Wick To Wick (FC) (PB) (SSR)

Hey friends. I love you all more than you realize and more than I show sometimes. I pray that you can all remember the things that these photos speak to and hope that you can all be content with your life; family, friends, relationships, and all. Don’t hold onto things that aren’t bettering the world and yourself. DON’T SWEAT THE SMALL STUFF! (Read the book – buy it here) Seriously. Don’t stress if it’s not something that will matter a year from that moment. Don’t argue silly things or take things personally that aren’t meant personally. Don’t be too quick to get defensive. (But hey, we’re all guilty of these things! No one is perfect and gets it right all the time. But try to be aware of your actions 🙂 ) Instead, if you MUST stress, stress about real issues, like which schools you’re applying to and what you’d like to do for a career. Still don’t argue, but maybe be expressive of things that you truly believe in and stand for without shame and offense. Realize that someone may be trying to stretch you as a person and grow you in a positive way; their criticism isn’t something that you need to defend yourself against.

Upset that people seem mad at you? Upset with you? Maybe they’re mean to you? Just remember: treat people like you’d like to be treated. If they don’t respond to friendliness with friendliness, does that mean stop being friendly? No. Do what you can to show others what being a friend is all about. A kind word, hug, or smile can change a person – maybe for a moment and maybe for a lifetime. You have an impact… use it! Be the reason that someone will come to school. Be the friend that they go to when they’re broken. Be the person that you’d like to have in any situation… even if they wouldn’t do the same for you. Be the friend you’d like to have. BE KIND. Don’t joke around with someone’s insecurities or failures. Sarcasm is a fiery whip that stings because it always stems from somewhere. Even “just a joke” can be the reason that someone isn’t happy. That’s bullying. So again, you have an impact. Make it a positive one.

Remember that forgiveness isn’t for the other person. Forgiveness is a selfish act and the first step to sucking the bitterness out of your heart that has been injected from an interaction with someone else. If you have beef with someone, don’t let it build up in your gut before it festers into the biggest thing in your life. If someone is hurting you (physically, emotionally or spiritally) LET THEM KNOW. Use kind words and a non-accusing tone, but TELL THEM. They probably don’t even know that they’re hurting you, and if you don’t let them know, a big monster will grow inside of you and come out in the worst way with the worst possible timing. Don’t let that hurt monster become you. Tell them. If they decide that your hurt isn’t important to them… forgive them anyways. Maybe find someone new to hang out with. But forgive them and move on with your life. What someone’s opinion is of you really doesn’t matter – good or bad.

So back to where I started… Don’t sweat the small stuff. AND IT’S ALL SMALL STUFF! You guys, it’s SENIOR YEAR! As if you didn’t already know that. Let’s do what we can to be positive and enjoy these last bits of high school life that we have together. Don’t let bitterness, sadness, and hurt feelings overtake you; you’re stronger than that.

Sorry for a similar type post, I’ve just had a lot laid on my heart this week. Is it possible to attempt to create a world of love without hate? I know where it starts. It starts within us. We must make the choice for ourselves to be loving, and if everyone does the same, we will have peace. Be an example. Spread the love!

Here are the lyrics to a song that I sang with Katie Steiner and many of you in the second grade. Remember these child-like words and apply them. ❤

If I light just one candle and you light just one, too, and we pass the flame from wick to wick, from us to you and you..

And if we keep it going around the world, you’ll see the world is glowing with the light that came from you and me!


With one candle, just one candle. .. Yes, one candle burning bright. With one candle, just one candle, we can fill the world with light.


If we light just one candle and pass the flame to you,

all our light would glow from place to place, ;and we would glow there, too.

And when we keep it going, the light will show the way to touch the people ’round the world by shining night and day!

all (opt. div):

With one candle, just one candle. Yes, one candle burning bright. With one candle, just one candle, we can fill the world with light.

all with duet:

With one candle, just one candle. Yes, one candle burning bright. With one candle, just one candle, we can fill the world with light.


With one candle, just one candle,


we can fill the world with light. With light.


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