In my beautiful Pacific Northwest world, everything is perfect. We read our books on kindles, tweet every last detail of our lives, and basically our entire plaid world is contained to our computer. With our world on our personal devices, where are we to live? Simple. Coffee shops. The epicenter for wifi hotspots that star as our sun. With a solar system that is only as large as the World Wide Web, do we still rely on the cosmos for guidance? I say we no longer look for this by means of horoscope or Zodiac sign, but instead something a little more relevant to the times. What we drink.

Double Shot Americano- Ordered by the tallish man in the Armani suit. You are most likely to succeed. The nights spend practicing that new proposal to the man in the mirror will be far worth it in the end. Keep persevering!

Chai Spice Latte- Ordered by the woman in…

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