The Struggle Is So. Real. (CRR)



So this lovely photograph that you’re gawking at is a good representation of what my focus looked like last year. We messed around, messed with the freshmen (until they realized that we’re not actually cool and they could mess with us), and did all we could to make Mrs. Drendel stroll on over and ask the classic, “Are we being academically productive over here? … Juniors?”

Based on my performance from last year… I’m going to be honest in saying that it may be a big challenge to finish out strong… and by big challenge I mean the struggle of just getting out of bed day after day after day. I will be getting up knowing that my clock is ticking and this is the last year I will see 90% of my class until we have a reunion. I know that, and I know I need to do well in school to succeed in life. But for some odd, incomprehensible reason, I STILL don’t make it to school sometimes until lunch. Ponder me that one, friends. 

In classes like math and science, I have become super duper awesome at making it seem like I’m there and doing all of my work and doing it well. Who knows how, but I consider it a strength. That being said, I do what I can to pass and to learn what my brain will comprehend. The struggle here is that my brain stopped liking those classes when I was 12. Such a bummer!

English will always be a favorite of mine. Writing is something I love to do! I love to read and write and expand my knowledge in both of those areas. My strengths definitely lie in writing and reading.

Another strength of mine is my attitude towards school. Despite my attendance records from last year or whatever Ms. Redinger may say, I feel like I generally have a good attitude towards assignments that are purposeful and truly help me to grow as a human being. If I do not believe that it will help me grow as a person or a student, I will try to look at it from the perspective of the teacher, because obviously they have a purpose and reason for this assignment. If I STILL don’t see it’s purpose in my learning career, THEN I will ask why I need to be doing this. But overall, I enjoy my schoolwork and will get it done before it’s due. Like… RIGHT before it’s due. Like I’m-The-Worst-Procrastinator-Ever get it done before it’s due.

My biggest weakness this year (as mentioned above) will definitely be senioritis. That diseased mindset has been around for so long that it’s hard to believe there’s no “cure”, so to speak. Being present with my body AND my mind is my goal for this year. Making the most of my hours in the classroom will give me more free time out of school. That’s the lovely thought I have before EVERY school year, but then Ms. Chatty McChatter Bug Erin pops out of me at the worst possible times and by George, that one never stops talking. Especially if Azriel’s around…

So I’m planning on making the most of senior year – academically and otherwise. Because once the clock stops ticking here, who knows where I’ll end up. 


7 thoughts on “The Struggle Is So. Real. (CRR)

  1. Good girl…you ASK if you don’t know why you are being asked to do something…if and if the teacher can’t tell you why, then you shouldn’t be doing it!!!!!

    I seriously think I am in for it this year…ALL of you in ONE class…we are holding steady at 37…yikes.

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