#SeniorAPSwag #APLitGoalSwag #YOLO (CRR)

What are AP Lit? How does one goal in AP Lit? What is goals in English?

Just kidding, the summer hasn’t been that horrible to me; I can still pretend that I know how to speak proper english, with correct grammar and without verbal hashtags. That being said, I still have many things that I’d like to improve about my skills as a reader, writer, and speaker in AP Lit and Comp.

Going into junior year, I was ecstatic to be taking AP Language and Composition because I love love love to write. It has come much easier to me than most things in my life, so knowing that I was in for a year filled with Language and Composition at a challenging level was like Michael Phelps walking up to the pool at the Olympics – this is his thing and he’s about to rock the world… literally. Coming into senior year knowing that I’m about to be taking AP LITERATURE and Composition scares me a little bit more. Imagine the Seahawks walking into the Super Bowl – they don’t know how or why they got there, half of them asking themselves, “What are football?” and they’re praying that they can maybe pull it together out on the field. That’s the best description I have for how I feel about reading for English class. While I actually know how to read and even enjoy it most of the time, I’ve never felt like reading was a strength of mine. I know, it sounds silly because obviously I can read and comprehend things… kind of. I’ve never been stellar at comprehensive quizzes or SAT-like questions on comprehension of a passage. I am looking to really improve my overall reading skills this year.

I’m also looking forward to broadening my literature interests. Realizing that there are so many books that I haven’t given so much as a cover inspection is very sad. I hate to be the first to admit it, but I judge books by their cover all of the time. I realize that this is an unhealthy habit and really rude to those books that were just printed ugly. I guess sometimes it’s hard for me to remember that it’s not their fault. Books basically all look the same on the inside – white pages with black print. But the covers… they’re so vastly different and are the only form of initial judgement I can have. But that doesn’t make it okay by any means. So I’d like to formally apologize to every single ugly book that I missed out on reading because, well, it was ugly. I’m looking forward to possibly reading you this year. 🙂

Another goal I have is to grow as a reader with my fellow classmates. I’m stoked to hear the insight that you all have on everything we read. I’m stoked to be surrounded by smart people who want to share their smarticles with me. 😉 All joking aside, I’m hoping to gain more discussion skills and small group discussion skills. Discussion can be powerful, if we allow it to be. I’m hoping that we can grow together as peers and honestly just get deep about books. I tried to host a book club during our sophomore year, but due to lack of interest from my peers, it wasn’t extremely successful. But now, you’re FORCED to have deep thoughts on books AND discuss them with me!! Muahaha.

I also want to pass this AP test with a higher score than my last AP English test… but that’s just a side goal. I’m looking forward to seeing who all of my classmates are this fall; I miss you all dearly. Especially Ms. Allyn, my super awesome NHS advisor who knows I’m not a flake. 😀 See you all in 16 days!


4 thoughts on “#SeniorAPSwag #APLitGoalSwag #YOLO (CRR)

  1. Ha! Great post. You’ll be fine…and I’m sure those ugly books will forgive you. NHS advisor?!?!?! What in the world are you talking about???? ;-P (You better not flake on me!!!)

    • Hahaha I’m glad you enjoyed it, I enjoyed writing it! I am NOT a flake! Speaking of which, we should have an NHS officer pow-wow. Let’s text. 😉

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