Hopeless Love

I sometimes wonder what it would be like if we spoke. We could become good friends, we could fall in love. I stare in awestruck wonder at your beauty, wondering if you’ll ever talk to me. You don’t even know my name… but I know yours. I know everything about you. Sometimes I talk to you, but you never respond. Funny how I can be falling head over heels in love for you, and you don’t care love me back. It’s hard to know that I consume everything about you, and you don’t give so much as a sideways glace. My heart aches for the day we’ll converse.

Although I realize that this may be difficult for you. You don’t have lips to form words, or ears to hear my loving words. You don’t have eyes to observe my face, or a nose to recognize my scent. It’s not your fault that you were processed that way; it must be how God intended it.

For now, I must be satisfied with you being my afternoon snack. I must stay content with the relationship we have – I’ll continue to eat ten of you in one sitting. You, my dear peanut butter Oreos, will forever be a love of mine and your sugar with be running in my veins. In sickness and in health, you’ll stay by my side. Until my death do us part, and forever be a delight.


One thought on “Hopeless Love

  1. Is it weird that right off the bat I figured you were talking about Oreos? Hahaha. This post is beautifully written and poetic, I do have to say. I envy your brain. (Yes, I was stalking your blog off of Ms. Allyn’s blog. #yoloswag)

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